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Why MedTrust

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Why Should You Join MedTrust?

MedTrust is a healthcare workforce solutions and medical staffing services company. Our primary focus is the provision of exceptional medical staffing services for the Department of Defense and other Federal Government agencies.


Ken Palombo (MedTrust’s COO) is focused on ensuring client needs and consistent quality patient care. When a question came up, I knew I could call ken and he’d work with us to find the best answer. Ken is a strong supporter of Florida’s Sheriffs and the work we do.

Sheriff MillerWakulla County Sheriff

With COVID-19, I know my position is in high demand, but I am not leaving the MedTrust family. The benefits alone are amazing! I have worked for other healthcare companies, and I always felt ignored after being hired…almost like a bait and switch of promises, but not with MedTrust. MedTrust actually goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of.

MedTrust Employee

…MedTrust is outstanding and they really do take care of their employees. They check in on me to see how I am doing. Looking back, I can’t help think this was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

MedTrust Employee

Ken (now MedTrust’s COO) was my point of contact with contract issues from negotiation to renewal to compliance, and his frequent visits to our site increased our comfort level in the area of customer attentiveness. … Ken brings excellence, integrity, and a personal touch unsurpassed among my business contacts in the corrections profession. I would be happy to enter any business relationship with Ken Palombo.

Chief YorkAthens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

I love that the term “Open Door Policy” isn’t just corporate jargon to MedTrust’s Leadership Team. I needed resolution and looked to Leadership for it. Upon becoming aware of the details, we immediately met, began developing a solution, along with a permanent corrective action plan that was implemented to mitigate any risk of future occurrence.

MedTrust Employee

I have been with MedTrust for over 10 years and during that time, I have seen many positive changes as the company continues to grow. The corporate environment is very nurturing with many touchpoints all throughout the organization, so you are never left alone when you need assistance. The culture here at MedTrust makes you look forward to coming to work…because it’s not a job…it’s something you look forward to doing with people who feel like family.

MedTrust Employee


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