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MedTrust offers cost-effective, innovative, and fully customized solutions to meet your unique requirements and budgets. As a leading healthcare provider, we solve our customers’ toughest challenges. We have built our reputation through unparalleled customer service and personalized attention. We offer a full array of healthcare solutions. Scroll down for an overview of the services we offer. Interested in joining the MedTrust team, click here.

Quality Over Quantity

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MedTrust excels in meeting client healthcare staffing needs, both short term and long term. Our team of recruiters can staff almost any need you have. Our specialty is long term medical staffing, but our staffing experience is broad and deep. Using MedTrust employees to staff your positions provides a fixed rate and eliminates, hassles that often accompany managing employees, such as human resource and disciplinary issues.


Frustrated in trying to hire that hard-to-find position? Let MedTrust help. We will mobilize our nationwide team of recruiters to find, screen and present candidates who will meet your needs…guaranteed, or you pay nothing…zip, zero! At MedTrust we stand behind our word, even during those rare times when we come up short.

Teaming Opportunities

As a strategic approach to growing and meeting a broad range of customer needs, MedTrust teams with small and large experienced staffing firms to expand total capabilities.


…MedTrust is outstanding and they really do take care of their employees. They check in on me to see how I am doing. Looking back, I can’t help think this was one of the best things that has ever happened to me

MedTrust Employee

I love that the term “Open Door Policy” isn’t just corporate jargon to MedTrust’s Leadership Team. I needed resolution and looked to Leadership for it. Upon becoming aware of the details, we immediately met, began developing a solution, along with a permanent corrective action plan that was implemented to mitigate any risk of future occurrence.

MedTrust Employee

I have been with MedTrust for over 10 years and during that time, I have seen many positive changes as the company continues to grow. The corporate environment is very nurturing with many touchpoints all throughout the organization, so you are never left alone when you need assistance. The culture here at MedTrust makes you look forward to coming to work…because it’s not a job…it’s something you look forward to doing with people who feel like family.

MedTrust Employee

Government, Federal, State, and Local Services

MedTrust provides customized healthcare solutions that are realistically priced, people focused and data conscious.

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Staffing Solutions

MedTrust serves both private and government sectors. Whether you need a temporary provider, someone on a long-term basis, or a permanent placement, MedTrust can meet your needs. MedTrust offers our customers the following personalized solutions to meet your staffing requirements:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Per Diem or PRN
  • Short-term contract
  • Long-term contract
  • Travel
  • Permanent Placement

Inmate Healthcare

MedTrust’s Inmate Healthcare includes a team approach with preventative, risk mitigating measures designed to aggressively contain costs while ensuring delivery of healthcare in compliance with the AMA, NCCHC, ACA, PREA and HIPAA standards, along with federal, state, and local regulations.

Our leadership team of seasoned correctional healthcare professionals has more than 100 years of success providing inmate healthcare to large and small jails across the country. We understand the challenges in delivering consistent quality inmate healthcare include critical areas such as:
• Developing and maintain strong community relations (including prompt payment for services rendered by outside providers),
• Attracting, and maintaining appropriate levels of well-trained staffing,
• Partnering with your security staff to ensure access to necessary services,
• Obtaining and retaining industry and state accreditation, and
• Continuously tracking, analyzing and reporting to control escalating costs.

MedTrust can provide medical services including screenings, assessments, physical examinations, diagnostic testing, preventative services, education, and discharge planning. MedTrust ensures equipment, supplies and treatment protocols are in place to provide strong clinical assessment and care. MedTrust works directly with facility administration to develop and/or adjust policies and procedures to best serve as a guide for access to patient care.

Our Correctional Healthcare Leadership team has the proven success in correctional healthcare to provide a solid infrastructure of caring and trusted healthcare professionals that will deliver the best solution to positively impact facility and community needs, reduce administrative overhead, work to drive down recidivism, and ensure a higher quality of inmate care.


Specially Trained Mental Health Co-Responders

Our crisis response model encompasses specialty trained mental health professionals who respond to situations throughout the community where citizens are experiencing a mental health episode and take lead in de-escalating these situations. Our team will then assess where the citizen is best served through diversion to a hospital or local resource designed to care for their specific ailment.

Our overall objectives of the co-responder program are to:
• Enhance crisis de-escalation
• Increase connection to community services and providers
• Reducing pressure on the criminal justice system
• Reduce recidivism
• Reduce pressure on the community healthcare system
• Promote cost effectiveness through reduction in utilization waste of community services (i.e. EMS, police, hospital usage, etc.).

MedTrust has designed various community crisis intervention models to develop a crisis continuum of care to reduce harm, arrests and use of jails and emergency departments. Our models promote the development of, and access to, quality mental and substance use disorder treatment services. Each intervention is unique to the citizen in need, so there is no “one size fits all” intervention technique. Our team of licensed medical and behavioral health professionals are trained and experienced in utilizing various evidence-based best practices including:
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This intervention method helps an individual identify and change complex and repetitive patterns of thinking that serves as the trigger to their behavioral and/or mental illness. This method helps the individual recognize their thought patterns and triggers and gives them the skills to change these patterns. This intervention method changes the way individuals think about themselves and their surroundings.
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy: This intervention method is used to help people with extreme or unstable emotions and harmful self-destructive behaviors. The focus is to help an individual by teaching them skills to cope with and change unhealthy behaviors. The end focus is for the individual to apply new ways of thinking and behaving to real-life triggers and situations.
• Integrated Treatment Therapy: Cross-training occurs to disseminate information and skills to identify, and provide treatment, of co-occurring disorders. This is an intricate process where there is not only a substance usage trigger to recover from, but also a mental illness that needs to be identified and coping mechanisms need to be developed. The identification process and treatment plan are an intricate blend of complementary services to treat two or more unique illnesses.

Our holistic approach is designed to provide better help for community members experiencing non-emergency crises; increase the amount of time per shift available for first responders to concentrate their efforts on emergencies; and to reduce municipal budget costs by eliminating unnecessary ambulance rides and hospital visits. Our team of specialty providers use their education, experience, and training in crises response models to achieve the healthiest outcome for community members in a non-emergency crisis.


We have modernized the patient experience offering access to on-call medical and behavioral health professionals. Using a mobile app, our medical professionals are able to treat patients remotely via secure video, and also allows for case details to be shared with other specialty doctors (i.e., rash/mole picture to a dermatologist provider).

On average, the cost per tele provider visit is 30% below an on-site provider visit. Even more cost savings can be seen with inmate healthcare services because the need for off-site transport and officer security isn’t needed with telemedicine. Convenience is also an important factor.

With new technological advancements and shifting policy that increasingly support telemedicine, MedTrust is always finding ways to improve telemedicine services. Contactless technologies for seamless medical information transfer and safe patient monitoring in isolated settings will minimize infection rates and accelerate intervention for better patient outcomes.


MedTrust is committed to breaking the cycle of staffing turnover and is recognized on contracts for our talent, ability, and skill sets found in our healthcare personnel. Successful recruiting begins with realistic salaries…more important now than any time in the recent past. Our proven staffing model leverages the synergies between human capital and state of the art technology to offer effective and efficient services. MedTrust implements customized, aggressive, and competitive recruitment plans to meet each client’s specific needs.

One of the ways we combat turnover and foster strong, committed teams of caregivers and support staff is through our industry leading incentive package. Our fringe benefits are designed with multiple options aimed at giving more to our employees with the goal to:
• Promote efficiency and productivity
• Increase and sustain employee retention
• Enhance employee recruitment
• Positively impact employee engagement
• Encourage employee excellence and quality of life
• Strive for the “feel good’ work environment for all

MedTrust’s team of seasoned recruiters uses many tools and search engines to find qualified candidates. Some of these sites are Indeed, Linked In, Proprietary database (iCIMS), NurseJobCafe, Glassdoor, Monster, DirectEmployers,, ZipRecruiter, Alliedhealthjobcafe, Doccafe and We tend to use tools that will allow us to contact the candidates directly, as opposed to sites that only let us post the job.

We also work with universities, military and utilize the personal groups available on social media such as: Facebook & FB Professional Groups: Registered Nurse Jobs, Nursing Jobs USA, National Assoc. of LPNs, Registered Nurse & Physical Therapists, Local per diem & Contract nursing jobs, and employee referral programs.

MedTrust’s expertise and intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry and the multitude of stringent certifications has yielded a refined approach to fully satisfy the staffing requirement that encompasses staffing model complexities and barriers that come along with various geographic locations.

Contract Monitor

With more than a century of experience, the MedTrust correctional healthcare team can provide enhanced contract monitoring services of inmate healthcare. Our services will (1) Monitor your inmate healthcare provider and report on how they are meeting the terms of their contract. (2) Provide corrective action plans on any contracted services underperforming. (3) Analyze and report on how your inmate healthcare vendor is spending taxpayer funds. (4) Provide corrective action plans on improving use of taxpayer funds, if indicated. (5) Analyze onsite and offsite utilization to ensure efficiencies and maximization of onsite services. (6) Analyze staffing to ensure the correctional facility is receiving all the healthcare staffing hours and skill levels set forth in the contract. (7) Ensure all healthcare staff are current in licensure and certification. (8) Serve as a resource and liaison to facility leadership re inmate healthcare.

RFP Development

Our RFP Development services ensure we are articulating your needs and deliver a viable, customized solution-driven service or provider that meets your organizational needs. Our RFP Development services reflect the needs of your organization by:
• Ensuring the quality of services that are to be delivered
• Developing an RFP and review for legality and compliance with organizational authority and policies.
• Supporting your team/organization in selection of an appropriate vendor based on evaluation factors designed to your specific organizational needs.
• Strategic negotiations that attain the lowest possible price for the highest quality of services
• Simplify a complex and time-consuming process.

The RFP Development process typically includes:
• Organizational objectives/requirement verification
• Defining short and long-term goals
• Outline budget requirements
• Define pre-qualifying elements for vendors
• Draft RFP outline and creation of evaluation criteria
• Assist in response evaluation and finalist vendor presentations

By outsourcing the RFP Development and evaluation process, your organization has freed up resources to concentrate on core business objectives.

Mental Health

MedTrust’s Behavioral Health professionals are trained and charged with the delivery of evidence-based assessment and treatment services targeting those patients who are experiencing a mental or behavioral health disorder. By working to find solutions for our patients and collaborating with our clients and community stakeholders, MedTrust strengthens and grows essential program linkages.

A true comprehensive approach to inmate Behavioral Health services encompasses:
• Full bio-psychosocial assessments
• Crisis management and counseling
• Individual and group psychotherapy
• Psychiatric medication management
• Training on behavioral health issues for correctional staff and community partners
• Crisis intervention and stabilization
• Additional behavioral health programming that aligns with ongoing best practices

MedTrust’s healthcare model is intentionally designed to ensure easy accessibility and flexibility for adaptation to the needs of our employees, our patients, and our client/partners (e.g., pandemics). The three core elements that will never change at MedTrust include our commitment to consistent quality patient care, respect for and growth opportunities to our staff, and transparency and responsiveness to our clients.

Striving to serve our clients

MedTrust’s mission is serving others. We serve our staff, our patients, and our clients. This threefold mission is key to our continued success and our high marks from our staff, our patients, and our clients. In striving to serve our clients, MedTrust emphasizes frequent client communications. We often refer to these as “check-ins.” These check-ins occur in a structured mixture of phone calls, emails and in-person visits. Each client knows us, from our executive leadership to our site supervisor. With these solid lines of communication, MedTrust can quickly respond when a client need arises. We genuinely know our clients, serve as a partner to them and constantly look for ways to better assist our client needs. Because we are committed to structured growth, MedTrust is able to ensure each client consistently receives personalized care. We aren’t the largest or fastest growing healthcare company, and we never will be. While we are selectively growing, we are a people-focused healthcare company that will never lose sight of our threefold mission: our staff, our patients and our clients.

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Private Sector Services

MedTrust has expert understanding of the military medical setting and proven success in navigating through operationally demanding and compliance driven government environments.

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Back-End Office Management Services

MedTrust has an expert understanding of the military medical setting and proven success in navigating through operationally demanding and compliance-driven government environments.

Our commitment to quality and customer service is demonstrated in our present and past performance with Department of Defense agencies, Veteran Affairs, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. MedTrust is experienced with IDIQ, Firm Fixed Price, and Cost-Plus contract vehicles. In addition, our services can be purchased through our Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 621i.

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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Businesses face many challenges in today’s marketplace. To outperform your competitors, you need to rapidly respond to changing market conditions. To address these challenges, MedTrust offers customers additional resources through our business process outsourcing solutions (BPO). As outsourcing specialists, MedTrust has the experience and expertise to:

Credential Process Outsourcing

CPO ensures compliance with your organization’s and customer’s standards for both pre- and post-hire requirements

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO ensures recruitment-related processes are executed allowing you to focus on your core business without interruption

Clinic/Unit Operations Management

This enables you to focus on system-wide business requirements while we execute the startup or operations of your clinic or unit.

Program Management

This allows for the oversight and management of a human capital business process, like supply chain management.

Our Model

MedTrust’s BPO model is designed to meet your needs. We offer you flexibility and control. Our team has the know-how and clinical expertise to deliver the highest quality services.

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Teaming Opportunities

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