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About Us

Learn More About MedTrust

Learn About MedTrust

MedTrust is a healthcare workforce solutions and medical staffing services company. Our primary focus is the provision of exceptional medical staffing services for the Department of Defense and other Federal Government agencies.

Our History

MedTrust has been in business for more than 20 years. Our sole focus is providing customized healthcare solutions. We serve the military, law enforcement and homeless shelters. Our correctional healthcare leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience delivering realistically priced quality healthcare to jails and prisons across the country. Our experience includes a perfect record in achieving and maintaining accreditation at the local, state and industry levels.

While correctional healthcare companies are routinely bought and sold, often to those with little or no correctional healthcare experience, MedTrust’s correctional healthcare experience comes directly from our leadership team and line staff. We know correctional facilities and how best to manage inmate healthcare within the walls. We know this because we have walked the halls and provided the care. We understand the critical hotspots, such as an effective intake process and meaningful coordinate with our correctional staff partners.

MedTrust’s Experience

MedTrust is a boutique inmate healthcare provider. We are selective where and with whom we bid. We look for clients that want to end the cycle of chronic staffing vacancies and unmet promises. Unlike many of today’s correctional healthcare companies, our clients know our leadership team and have easy access to them 24/7/365. MedTrust will never be the biggest inmate healthcare company because we will never relinquish the benefit of in person relationships with our clients that allow us to quickly adjust to best meet client needs and respond to unforeseen events.

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We provide customized healthcare solutions that are realistically priced, people-focused, and data-conscious.

Partnership, Honesty, Accountability, Transparency, Fiscally Prudent

The MedTrust Team is composed of a high-performing group of individuals dedicated to delivering on our commitments. Challenges will arise in almost every endeavor. How those challenges are handled differentiates entities between a good partner, a better partner, and the best partner. The MedTrust team is trained, knowledgeable, empowered, and proactive to not only meet current obligations but quickly mobilize to assess and resolve unexpected challenges.

Our Services
  • Inmate Healthcare
  • Staffing
  • Telemedicine
  • Recruiting
  • Telemental Health
  • RFP Development
  • Mental Health
  • RFP Management
  • Specially Trained Mental Health Co Responders
  • Contract Monitor
  • Mental Health First Responders


Meet the dedicated and experienced individuals who make up our leadership team, committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to inmates under our care.

Keren Williams-McClendon

Chief Executive Officer

MedTrust is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Keren Williams McLendon, who brings over 25 years of experience in healthcare contracting and organizational leadership. Ms. McLendon combines innovative business leadership with an unwavering commitment to delivering superior, and transparent, customer service and support.
She establishes corporate goals, provides assistance to subordinate managers in business development, and establishes internal programs to train personnel. Ms. McLendon ensures safety and quality programs are compliant and effective, and maintained and in compliance with customer requirements.
Keren graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University School of Law where she received her Juris-Doctor degree and proudly served as partner in a law firm for over a decade before joining MedTrust’s Executive Leadership.
When Keren isn’t busy attending to the needs and business growth strategies of MedTrust, Keren can be found donating her time and resources to local dog shelters, specifically to the dogs that are not being adopted. Keren serves as a foster mom, taking those dogs in when she has room, and makes sure that their mature years are their best years.

Ken Palombo

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ken Palombo oversees business development strategies and corporate operations. With over 25 years of healthcare experience in the public and private sectors, Mr. Palombo has a proven record of delivering quality healthcare services to federal, state and local governmental entities. He is a proven innovator in developing community relations with offsite stakeholder and maximizing cost effective technology strategies, such as electronic health records, customized telehealth models and data mining. His expertise continues to refine the delivery of efficient and effective healthcare to ensure our teams continuously achieve healthcare delivery in support of our mission and values.
Prior to joining MedTrust, Mr. Palombo served in various correctional healthcare executive positions including Associate General Counsel; General Counsel, VP of Business Development, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Palombo has degrees from both Brigham Young University and The University of Tennessee. He is a Tennessee licensed attorney.
Mr. Palombo drives efforts in three overarching areas to ensure: strong MedTrust team members, effective client relations/partnerships, and consistent quality patient interactions. This ternary focus helps set MedTrust apart as a healthcare company truly capable of delivering client-centered customized healthcare solutions that are realistically priced and fully transparent.

Dave Culbertson

Chief Financial Officer

Serving as Chief Financial Officer of MedTrust, Dave Culbertson is responsible for MedTrust’s financial operations, corporate treasury, and investor relations. He brings 35+ years’ experience in global financial operations managing income streams in excess of $500M.
As the financial leader of MedTrust, his responsibilities encompass sustaining competitive growth using proprietary market growth algorithms in tandem with JIT staffing models and revenue control. He is held accountable for all financial, treasury, budget, and forecast functions as MedTrust continues to grow in market segments.
Serving in CFO and CAO positions throughout his career, Dave Culbertson is a CPA with a Master of Business Administration.

Melissa Markel

Vice President, Contracts & Administration

Melissa Markel is the current Vice President of Contracts & Administration for MedTrust. Prior to this role, Melissa spent the last eight of which were spent as the Associate Vice President of Contracts & Strategic Sourcing. In this role, Melissa was responsible for contract and operational activity for DOD, civil and state contracts employing over 575 personnel. In addition to the duties typically associated with this role, she was the functional leader who directed the activities of business management and human resources. During her tenure, she worked her way through multiple roles before assuming her executive duties.

Prior to her current role, Melissa was the Senior Global Supply Chain, Subcontracts and Procurement Manager for the Defense Systems sector within Northrop Grumman. In this capacity, she established and controlled the global strategic supply, procurement, subcontracting strategies, and category management for a $1B international Weapon Systems Operations business unit. Focused primarily on 24/7/365 US and international maintenance, modernization, ISR and upgrades for critical and highly visible weapons systems, Melissa directed more than $700M of just-in-time spending for more than 70 programs organized under six subordinate, internationally-distributed operating units through 150 globally-dispersed team members.

Melissa graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business Management Summa Cum Laude, as well as finishing number one in her Master of Business Administration class, both accomplished at the University of Central Oklahoma. Civically-minded, Melissa is an active supporter of the Oklahoma AIDS Care Foundation and Other Options, an organization providing food, resources, service and education to those individuals and families impacted by HIV or AIDS.

Jessika Gil-Pineda, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Bio Coming Soon

Alicia Passaretti, R.N.

Clinical Program Director, State & Local

Ms. Passaretti is responsible for managing Clinical Operations activities and providing functional supervision for Clinical Operations staff overseeing inmate healthcare services. Alicia’s site management responsibilities include: contract implementation, budget development and analysis, vendor management, and liaison between the on-site HSA, our client, and MedTrust leadership.
Quality is also a significant responsibility that Ms. Passaretti implements and maintains. Her ongoing training in NCCHC standards affords MedTrust the opportunity to develop, implement, and maintain quality measures consistent with applicable regulations. Ms. Passaretti, alongside her colleagues, develop and teach training classes.
Ms. Passaretti’s correctional healthcare career has encompassed serving as a floor nurse, Director of Nursing, Health Services Administration, and providing regional leadership. She has also worked in and provided training and oversight to Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming jails.

Denise Mendez

Manager, Payroll and Billing

As the Manager, Payroll and Billing, Denise Mendez oversees the organization’s AR/AP, and payroll functions. Her overall focus is to ensure continued compliance with federal and state laws and financial best practices. With approximately 15 years’ experience in the finance field, Denise’s ensures accurate maintenance of financial records to reconcile and close each financial month successfully.
As Payroll Manager, Denise oversees the accurate and timely processing of payroll, and all updates that occur with new hires, terminations, and adjustments to pay rates. She also works with our independent auditing firm to facilitate annual year end audits and regulatory compliance activities.
Denise holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and is also recognized for her charitable work in San Antonio as a mentor to community youths.

Jorge Trillo

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jorge has over a decade of experience in talent acquisition in support of business growth. Jorge identifies candidates and thoroughly vets them to ensure each candidate has the right skill set and intangible assets for each position.
Jorge coordinates and develops long-standing partnerships with universities and diverse talent networks that host career-fairs and job-specific information sessions. This relationship trait is a crucial pillar in the development and maintenance of MedTrust’s exclusive talent network.
Beyond talent acquisition, Jorge is also heavily involved in assisting Executive Leadership in defining recruitment strategies, creating and implementing recruitment and retention philosophies, and ensuring overall job satisfaction with our employees. He works to implement KPI metrics to measure the overall success of his department as he strives to grow MedTrust’s exclusive talent network and overall business growth.
Jorge holds an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Being a family man takes up a lot of Jorge’s personal time, but when there is time, Jorge is an influential speaker at many university conferences and seminars across Texas.

Adam Parrish

Manager, Proposal Operations

Mr. Parrish has over 15 years of proposal writing and marketing experience supporting Business Development Operations. His broad experience includes executing strategic proposals for private, public, and federal government sectors along with state/private healthcare exchanges and privately branded TPA products.
Adam has a broad spectrum of experience in proposal writing, copy-editing, tactical marketing strategies, and targeted promotional campaigns serving as a creative conduit between the consumer market and product brand. His balance as a writer, creative marketing specialist, and analytical mindset has led to market share increase and long-term sustainability in competitive product/service differentiation.
Mr. Parrish has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor Degree in Management with a minor in Economics. In his spare time, you will find Adam in his kitchen trying out or making up new recipes and plating designs. When he’s not in his kitchen playing with food, you can find him at local area homeless shelter kitchens cooking up meals or at the local food bank stocking shelves and filling in where he is needed.

MedTrust Awards

We take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare services for inmates, and our awards and recognition are a testament to our dedicated team's hard work and excellence. Browse through this section to learn more about the accolades we've received for our outstanding performance and dedication to our mission.

The Gold Seal of Approval
The Joint Commission has been a global driver of quality improvement and patient safety in health care. We believe that all people should always experience the safest, highest quality, and consistently excellent health care. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission is the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. To earn and maintain The Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission, an organization undergoes an on-site survey by a Joint Commission survey team at least every three years. MedTrust has been awarded The Gold Seal of Approval on each Joint Commission survey to date. We are proud to offer the safest, highest quality, and consistently excellent health care.
2022 Honor Award
Two of MedTrust’s fitness center staff providing healthcare services at one of the NASA facilities we serve have been selected as winners of a 2022 Honor Award. MedTrust healthcare staff, as a subcontractor to JVM, provide various services to those working at the NASA.


Ken Palombo (MedTrust’s COO) is focused on ensuring client needs and consistent quality patient care. When a question came up, I knew I could call ken and he’d work with us to find the best answer. Ken is a strong supporter of Florida’s Sheriffs and the work we do.

Sheriff MillerWakulla County Sheriff

With COVID-19, I know my position is in high demand, but I am not leaving the MedTrust family. The benefits alone are amazing! I have worked for other healthcare companies, and I always felt ignored after being hired…almost like a bait and switch of promises, but not with MedTrust. MedTrust actually goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of.

MedTrust Employee

…MedTrust is outstanding and they really do take care of their employees. They check in on me to see how I am doing. Looking back, I can’t help think this was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

MedTrust Employee

Ken (now MedTrust’s COO) was my point of contact with contract issues from negotiation to renewal to compliance, and his frequent visits to our site increased our comfort level in the area of customer attentiveness. … Ken brings excellence, integrity, and a personal touch unsurpassed among my business contacts in the corrections profession. I would be happy to enter any business relationship with Ken Palombo.

Chief YorkAthens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

I love that the term “Open Door Policy” isn’t just corporate jargon to MedTrust’s Leadership Team. I needed resolution and looked to Leadership for it. Upon becoming aware of the details, we immediately met, began developing a solution, along with a permanent corrective action plan that was implemented to mitigate any risk of future occurrence.

MedTrust Employee

I have been with MedTrust for over 10 years and during that time, I have seen many positive changes as the company continues to grow. The corporate environment is very nurturing with many touchpoints all throughout the organization, so you are never left alone when you need assistance. The culture here at MedTrust makes you look forward to coming to work…because it’s not a job…it’s something you look forward to doing with people who feel like family.

MedTrust Employee

Fast  Facts

Fast Fact #1

Successfully providing healthcare solutions since 2004

Fast Fact #2

Delivering quality care from the west coast to the east coast

Fast Fact #3

Joint Commission Certified

Fast Fact #4

Military Spouse Employment Partner

Fast Fact #5

Financial supporter of Sheriffs’ Associations

Fast Fact #6

Millions of patient encounters

Fast Fact #7

Our team is comprised of all levels of healthcare professionals (specialty physicians to administrative assistants)

Fast Fact #8

Partnering with veteran, minority, and women-owned businesses


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