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Welcome to MedTrust

We provide customized healthcare solutions that are realistically priced, people-focused, data-conscious, and transparent.

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Partner With MedTrust For Your Healthcare Needs

The MedTrust team is trained, knowledgeable, empowered, and proactive to not only meet current healthcare needs but quickly mobilize to assess changing needs and resolve unexpected challenges.

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Partnering For Success

MedTrust is a healthcare provider and medical staffing services company. Our primary focus is the provision of exceptional medical services to Federal, State and Local governments. Our team of healthcare and support professionals has decades of experience delivering quality care to our government partners. MedTrust is made up of industry-leading physicians, nurses, mental health professionals and many more allied clinicians and support staff. We provide numerous options to fill unique healthcare and medical staffing needs. From long-term staffing to permanent placement and travel staffing requirements, MedTrust has the team to deliver great results. Our commitment to patient, client and teammate permeates everything we do. MedTrust does business across the United States. Let us show you how healthcare operates with a true partner.

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Client Services

MedTrust offers cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet your unique healthcare requirements. As a leading healthcare provider, we solve our customers’ toughest challenges. We have built our reputation through unparalleled customer service and personalized attention. MedTrust is committed to strong partnerships.

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About Us

The MedTrust Team is composed of a high-performing group of individuals dedicated to delivering on our commitments. Challenges will arise in almost every endeavor. How those challenges are handled is what differentiates between a good partner, a better partner, and the best partner. The MedTrust team is trained, knowledgeable, empowered, and proactive to not only meet current obligations but quickly mobilize to assess and resolve unexpected challenges.

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Job Seekers

Our professional recruitment team is committed to YOU and making YOUR next opportunity fit YOUR needs. They will be YOUR guide through the process so YOU reach YOUR goals.